Brand films

Want your brand to have a stronger presence in the marketplace with the millennial generation? Be present at the most important cultural events around and tell the story of why your brand cares about this generation. I’ve been working with brands at festivals like Lollapalooza since 2016 and watched how those brands succeeded in reaching a new audience.

Commercial advertising

What is your favorite Super Bowl ad? Mine is the 2018 Tide ad, where they proved that nearly every commercial is actually an ad for clean clothes. This is brilliant thinking. How can you position your story in a way that truly shows your customers why they need you? I've shot commercials and promotional films for brands like Intel, Precision Planting, and Ipsento Coffee. 


Narrative stories

Tell your audience a story, don’t sell them a product. In today’s culture, the brands that forget this are left behind. I’ve worked with dozens of brands that shifted into this space and saw their customers base grow through the power of story. With brands like Nike, Methodist Hospitals, and Blood & Ethos, I’ve help tell stories that have changes peoples lives.


Tim Anderson

I grew up near the city of Chicago in love with movies, sports, and imagination.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with the power that stories and movement can change the way we experience the world

My goal is to create moments that invite the audience into the story of my clients. People don’t like to be sold a product. They’d rather be told a story about how their lives can improve and they live out their dreams. What is your brand story and do you really think your customers are connecting with it? If you’re not sure, then your customers likely don’t know the answer either. This is what I do best and would love to help you reach your customers in a way that will cause them to remember you for years to come.

I've been working with brands, companies, and organizations of all shapes and sizes to create beautiful films since 2012.